3 Reasons Why You Should Have Clean Window Screens

1. Rid your house of Low-quality indoor air.

When you open a window to let a breeze into your home, you need to make sure that your window screens are clean. With dirty screens, everytime the wind blows, you blast dirt, pollen, and other allergens into your house. This can irritate the sinuses, trigger asthmatic episodes, and otherwise bother your guests and family members, but a simple window cleaning will eliminate the issue.

2. Keep mold growth away.

Mold in the home can be very serious. Black mold or not, any kind of mold will irritate the sinuses and contribute to lower levels of indoor air quality. All mold needs to grow in water and some kind of organic matter, which is wxactly what builds up in your dirty window screens. When rain patters off the dirt, salt, and grime deposits, mold is allowed to grow. Spores may be blowing into your home with every gust of wind!

3. Save money on window cleaning.

Cleaning windows screens is one small effort that can save you money in window cleaning. If your window screens are currently saturated with dirt and grime, your sparkling-clean windows will be blasted by a muddy jet of water until the skies clear up! When the sun comes up and dries up all the rain, you’ll be left staring outside through streaky, mud-blotched window panes, and be wondering why exactly you booked your professional window cleaning in the first place. Remember – it is rainwater that dirties your windows, it’s the action of rainwater coming into contact with dirty screens!