3 Ways to Take Back Free Time!

On a beautiful fall day in Grand Rapids window cleaning may not be your favorite thing to do. Does it ever seem like you used to have more free time? And what would you do with that free time if you had it back? Perhaps you would enjoy the outdoors more, or spend time with your hobbies or your loved ones. Or maybe just relax for once.

Most people don’t take the time to examine their lives until long after their lifestyle has become more frenetic than they really want. We simply don’t notice how busy our lives become while it’s happening. What can you do to take back free time?

There are three basic ways to take back free time:

  1. Simplify your life. It takes a conscious effort to overhaul your life and eliminate excesses. Simplifying can mean major changes like downsizing your home or scaling back your kids’ extracurricular activities. Or it can mean small changes like choosing more easy-care fabrics for your wardrobe, or combining tasks where you can, like walking or biking for exercise on your way to run errands.
  2. Stick to your boundaries. These days it can be especially hard to keep work and technology from taking over the rest of your time. Smartphones, widespread Wi-Fi, and lightweight laptops make it tough to draw a line between your personal life and your work life. However, technology can be your friend if you use things like separate user accounts and virtual desktops to help you maintain awareness of when you’re working online, and when you’re pursuing personal interests. More and more people are also finding it helpful to set certain work hours, and to make sure others know what those hours are. By compartmentalizing your work time and becoming conscious of whether you spend more time online than you would like, you can gain some more precious hours.
  3. Outsource certain tasks. Pick the most-time consuming tasks, or the easiest to outsource, or the ones that are the hardest for you! Some people look for Grand Rapids window cleaners because window cleaning just isn’t worth their time. For others, when they contemplate gutter cleaning Grand Rapids has so many other interesting ways to spend a weekend. Depending on the size of your home, outsourcing tasks like window cleaning and gutter cleaning can save you hours of the nicest weekend weather, which you can spend in whatever way you enjoy most.
  4. By making conscious choices to take back your free time, you can gradually find yourself living a life you enjoy more fully. For either clean windows or gutter cleaning Grand Rapids has professionals who can easily step in and complete these specialized tasks for you. Contact Absolutely Clean Services today at 616-608-7586. Make it the first step in a conscious effort to take back your precious free time.

    Photo: Sharon