Clean Windows Sell Homes
In the Grand Rapids window cleaning business, we often have an opportunity to work with homeowners who are in the process of selling their homes. That’s because many area realtors recommend sparkling windows as a way to sell homes. It makes sense! According to a survey published by Money Magazine in 2003, the cost of clean windows pays off better than any other presale improvement. The realtors surveyed estimated that the ROI for window cleaning was 768%, which is pretty hard to beat. But what is it about something as basic as clean windows that attracts buyers?

Realtors tell us that buyers’ perceptions are subtly influenced by things like clean windows. That’s because clean windows contribute to curb appeal, which is what generates home showings in the first place. And once the potential buyer is inside, clean windows show your home to its best advantage as well, by literally showing it “in its best light.” Clean windows:

  • Add sparkle
  • Make brighter, more inviting rooms
  • Highlight details in the home like the fresh paint or the luster of woodwork
  • Show care and attention to detail rather than dirt, grime, and neglect
  • Allow drive-by traffic to see into your home
  • Subtly improve your view for walk-through potential buyers
  • Let in more light

Some people look for these details, and others perceive them only subliminally. However, realtors say that curb appeal and cleanliness affect both time on the market and home sale prices. In fact, according to the National Association of Realtors, curb appeal sells 49% of all houses.

If you’re selling your home, though, chances are you have a lot more going on in your life. Who has time to tackle the windows as well? That’s why professional window cleaners can be a real timesaver. Professional Grand Rapids window cleaners will also invest the extra attention to remove more than the dirt from your windows – they will clean your sills, cobwebs around window frames, and accumulated gunk around caulking. A thorough, deep cleaning by a Grand Rapids window cleaner makes it easier to maintain your clean home. Simply wipe the smudges away when it’s time for an open house or a showing. When you’re ready to hire a window cleaner Grand Rapids homeowners trust to help them sell their home, contact Absolutely Clean Services.