Dealing with Hard Water Stains

Many people who search for “Ada window cleaner” or “Cascade window cleaner” are looking for help with an intractable problem in our area – hard water stains. Around Grand Rapids, hard water can do such damage to windows, you may think you have no other choice than to replace the glass.

Why is hard water especially harsh?

Hard water, with its combination of minerals, creates hard water spots on glass when droplets of hard water dry on the glass, leaving the minerals behind. On the vertical surface of window glass, the dried minerals can look like overlapping scales, or shingles. Other grime from the outdoor environment can stick to the mineral scales and quickly builds up.

How can hard water stain windows?

Hard water stains on windows are usually caused by overspray from underground sprinkler systems or perhaps a fountain in the garden. In any case, any window that is occasionally subjected to rinses with hard water can quickly become deeply stained, and it may seem that there is no other option than glass replacement.

Some people make the mistake of using a cleaner that is either too abrasive or has the wrong pH, which can damage your windows forever, leaving your view detracted and your beautiful windows streaked, cloudy, or scratched.

How does professional cleaning help?

Rather than replacing windows, many people look for a window cleaner Grand Rapids trusts to clean hard water stains from their windows. An experienced Grand Rapids window cleaner may also advise protective measures that can be taken for your windows to help prevent spotting, hard water stains, and clouding.

To avoid replacing hard water stained windows, make sure you maintain them properly. And don’t hesitate to contact Absolutely Clean Services, and request an estimate for any of your Grand Rapids window cleaning needs!

Photo: Ricardo Bernardo