Do Gutter Guards Work?

Whether it’s fall or spring, when catching up on gutter cleaning Grand Rapids homeowners often start thinking about gutter guards. If you’re hanging on to the edge of the roof, it’s easy to wonder whether a gutter guard system could reduce your maintenance, or whether a gutter guard system you already have in place is the most effective.

The whole idea of a gutter guard system is to minimize the accumulation of leaves, pine needles, seeds, petals, and other gutter cloggers. At the same time, they should allow rain water to enter so the gutters can do their job. To accomplish these goals, manufacturers generally use one of three different types of gutter guard designs:

  1. Reverse curves: This type is a solid cover with louvers along the front edge, and they are usually designed to work based on surface tension. These are the high-end professionally installed systems that you see at home shows.
  2. Screens: Inexpensive gutter screens can often be installed by the homeowner. Designs vary from a diamond or square pattern to a series of small circular holes, and the screen may be flat or may form a crown above the gutter.
  3. Inserts: Foam inserts are another inexpensive option meant to prevent debris from clogging the gutter while allowing rain water to flow through.

When performing gutter cleaning Cascade residents sometimes ask whether gutter guards are worth the investment. According to a 2010 Consumers Reports article, the inexpensive systems are overall more effective than the professionally installed systems, and much easier on the budget.

Unfortunately, with some gutter guard systems, the net result is the opposite of what they’re trying to prevent – clogged gutters, overflowing rainwater, and foundation erosion. The exact gutter guard system that will work best on any particular home depends on the home itself and the surrounding terrain and type of trees.

Regardless of the type of gutter guard system, experts agree that regular maintenance is still necessary, although not as frequent. Even the most effective designs allow some accumulation of debris that leads to gutter cleaning Grand Rapids homeowners usually seek to minimize. Whether your eves cleaning task is a bi-annual affair or whether you’re on the 5-year plan, contact the eves cleaning experts at Absolutely Clean Services.