Douglas Walker Park

Douglas Walker Park SW Byron Center MI

The Douglas Walker Park in Byron Center, MI is a great place to go for a nice walk. You can look at the beautiful landscape of the area, enjoy the weather, and even bring your pets along. There are also plenty of trees to take shelter under. For those who enjoy hiking, there are many trails that can be explored. Refer to This Web Page!

Dutton Shadyside Park

Dutton Shadyside Park and Douglas Walker Park are two of the most popular parks in Kent County. Both offer a variety of amenities, including fields for sports, a shelter for a picnic and a trail link for nonmotorized recreation. The Douglas Walker Trail links the main service drive to the north to Buck Creek, and crosses the creek on its way to the south. These two parks are also the trailheads for the east branch of the Kent Trails.

Dutton Shadyside Park features an open shelter and large maple trees, as well as a ball field. There are also playgrounds for children of all ages. Another feature of this park is the Adams Street Landing, which includes a 1,200 foot stretch of the Macatawa River. For those who are interested in a more active outdoor experience, there are many hiking trails.

White Pines Park offers an impressive 60 acres of green space, and is a great place to learn about the flora and fauna of this area. It’s also home to a few of the last remaining pure stands of white pines in the county.

Brewer Park

Douglas Walker Park, located in Byron Center, is one of the most popular parks in Kent County. It features an open picnic shelter, rentable indoor gathering areas, basketball courts, soccer fields, a cricket pitch, tennis courts, ball diamonds, and a 36-hole disc golf course.

Douglas Walker Park also serves as the trailhead for the east branch of the Kent Trails. This 15-mile non-motorized trail is managed by the Kent County Parks Department. The trail connects the park to the Millennium Park trail network and serves as a link to the White Pine Trail. Aside from the trail, the park offers numerous amenities, including playgrounds, a sledding hill, a boat launch on the Grand River, and a sledding and snowshoeing area. Learn more!

Douglas Walker Park is one of the largest parks in the county, with 20 acres of natural areas. The north end of the park is undeveloped, with an open field. Another feature of the park is the trail link that enters at the northwest corner. This link crosses Buck Creek on the main service drive.

Kent County’s oldest park

Gordon Park is Kent County’s oldest park. The park was originally established in 1928. It is located in the north end of the Byron Center community. This is a family-friendly multi-use park with tennis courts, basketball courts, cricket pitch, picnic areas, and open-air shelters.

Douglas Walker Park is another active park in the Kent County system. The park features a sledding hill and a variety of sports fields. There are 20 acres of undeveloped natural area. In the northwest corner of the park, a trail link crosses Buck Creek on the main service drive.

Kent Trails is a 15 mile non-motorized trail that runs through the county. It is maintained by the Kent County Parks Department. It connects Johnson Park in Grand Rapids to the Millennium Park trail network.

Another new addition to the Kent County Parks system is the Fred Meijer Pioneer Trail. This multi-use trail runs nine miles parallel to the M-6 highway. It also links to the Paul Henry Thornapple Trail in the east. Click for more info!

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