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Gezon Park in Wyoming, MI

Gezon Park is a wonderful place for families to live. Not only are there many options for housing, but there are also great activities to do in the area. From swimming, to walking your dog, to visiting the local park, there is something for everyone to enjoy. This article!


Gezon Park is a small neighborhood located in the township of Wyoming, Michigan, near the Grand Rapids metropolitan area. Gezon Park is a relatively new subdivision, having been built in the mid-sixties. It features single family houses ranging from 3 bedrooms to 5 bedroom homes. Approximately 2,000 people call Gezon Park home. Gezon Park is a family-friendly community, boasting parks, trails, and recreational facilities. This small community is served by Comcast and AT&T, two of the largest local cable providers. In addition to these big name providers, Gezon Park also boasts a library, public school, and municipal park. The neighborhood is conveniently located near shopping and dining establishments, including the Wyoming Mall and the Wyoming Center mall.

As for the best thing to do in Wyoming, Michigan, there are a few things to keep in mind. First and foremost, the city’s mayor, Kent Vanderwood, has made it a point to make the community a better place to live. With that in mind, a number of city improvements have been implemented since the past few years. For example, the municipality has expanded the library, and is currently building the city’s first new elementary school in decades. There is also an effort to provide new businesses with more space and an improved tax structure.

Splash pad

If you’re looking for a splash pad in the Wyoming area, check out the new one at Gezon Park. The splash pad will be opening in August. Guests will be able to enjoy free ice cream as well as a commemorative item at the grand opening. You’ll also be able to enjoy the amenities of the park.

The Wyoming Parks and Recreation Department has been listening to the requests of residents. In addition to the splash pad, they’ve added a bike fix-it station, new restrooms, and expanded parking. They’ve also improved the walking paths and playground.

With this project, they’ve invested over $2 million. It will include a large-scale splash pad, a playground, and more. There’s also a new picnic shelter, as well as nature-themed features.

Dog walking area

Gezon Park is a great place to visit with your pet. You’ll find lots of green space and a good basketball court to play on. It’s also close to other local amenities. Plus, you’ll get to see some interesting flora and fauna!

You’ll also find a paved walking trail around a central lake. There are even shelters and restrooms. In addition to being a popular spot for families, the park has a dog-friendly playground and clean-up bags. This is one of the many things that make Wyoming a great community.

The “really little kids” play area on the path is another cool thing to see. Also, the grand opening of Gezon Park is coming in July. During the event, free ice cream will be offered to the first 200 people. Check it out here!

Industry in the area

Wyoming, MI has an economy that’s a little bit of everything. There’s the manufacturing segment, the retail, the education and the health and wellness sectors. The transportation sector also plays a large part. But for the most part, Wyoming is a fairly modest town. Despite that, it has a population of 72,139. It’s in Kent County. You’ll find it on the southwest corner of the metro area.

The Gezon Park is getting some pretty cool upgrades. This includes a large-scale splash pad, a fancy bike fix-it station and a couple of new restrooms. However, the most impressive improvements aren’t located within the park’s confines. They’re all based on input from the neighborhood’s residents.

The Gezon Park may be the best of the best but it’s not the only place to play. Several other notable sites are also worth the visit.


Wyoming is the second most populated community in the Grand Rapids metropolitan area. It is home to 72,000 people. The economy of the city is largely manufacturing. This industry includes production of auto parts, tools and dies, and commercial printing. Another segment of the economy is warehousing and transportation. There are also other industries, including health care, retail, and social services.

In addition to the general economy, Wyoming has an entertainment scene. Studio 28 was opened in Wyoming. Additionally, the Wyoming Community College is located in the Bryon Center Park. For other recreational activities, there is Gezon Park.

Gezon Park is a 94 acre public park. There are playgrounds, picnic shelters, baseball fields, and a basketball court. Also, a walking path circles the park. A new splash pad is scheduled to be installed in the near future. Next Page!

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