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Frequently Asked Questions

What type of cleaning products do we use for house wash and roof cleaning?

We use a proprietary blend of disinfectant and surfactant. With low pressure IE garden hose pressure.

What is the roof wash process?

With our proprietary blend of disinfectant, we spray the roof, and allow the product along with the weather to do the work. Black algae and mildew will be gone immediately, moss may take up to 6 months to die off at the root and blow off the roof.

When is payment expected?

A credit card is required to schedule and hold your appointment. We will then charge your card after service is complete.

What if it rains after I get my windows cleaned?

We have a 7-day rain guarantee for windows that got spotted from the rain.


What is the difference between soft wash and pressure wash?

The difference between soft washing and pressure washing is soft washing utilizes a cleaning agent to do the work along with low pressure to rinse down the home and the pressure can be compared to a garden hose. Pressure washing uses high pressure and no cleaning agent.