The Worst Thing Dirty Gutters Can Do

When it comes to gutter cleaning Grand Rapids weather conditions don’t make it easy for us. Our beautiful tree lined neighborhoods, spectacular fall foliage, and seasonal changes can fill our gutters with leaves, acorns, sticks, and other debris. Obviously an unsightly mess hanging from the house is a bit unattractive, but what’s the worst thing dirty gutters can do?

First you have to consider the purpose of gutters. The home’s gutter system is intended to prevent water from eroding the foundation of your home, pure and simple. With a well designed gutter system, you should be able to do an annual inspection and cleaning, as well as occasional spot checks, and feel confident that the system is doing its job to help the roof shed water away from the home.

What is the most obvious problem dirty gutters can cause? Gutter fasteners are designed to hold only so much weight. The weight of leaves and moisture (and eventually ice) can cause fasteners to pull away from the fascia and sag, which prevents them performing their basic function of keeping water away from the foundation. Eventually they can break loose. Missing or malfunctioning gutters can allow rain to create sinkholes or erode your foundation, eventually creating small cracks and seeping in to cause mold and moisture damage.

Even clogged gutters and downspouts, which commonly occur when a homeowner isn’t aware that their gutters need cleaning, can cause big problems. When the gutter becomes so clogged that it’s rendered useless, water can spill over the edge whenever it rains, exactly when you need them to keep water away from your home. When your gutter system isn’t working properly, it sets the stage for costly damage to your home, such as rotting fascia boards, water damage to interior walls and ceilings, surface erosion around the home, wet basements, and cracked foundations.

Fall is here and our homes are telling us that it’s time for gutter cleaning Ada people! Let’s schedule our eves trough cleaning Grand Rapids! When you’re ready to get this annual maintenance item checked off your list, contact Absolutely Clean Services. Make it easy on yourself to keep your home in tip-top condition.

Photo: Lisa Yarost