What Does a Residential Window Cleaner Do

What Does a Residential Window Cleaner Do?

A residential window cleaner is a professional who cleans your home’s windows. These professionals use a special product and squeegee to remove dirt and grime from your windows without leaving streaks.

Most residential window cleaning companies will start the job by visiting your home and discussing what it needs. This helps them figure out what equipment they need to get the job done.


Window cleaning is an important maintenance task that helps keep your home looking beautiful and prolongs the need for replacement windows. It can be difficult to clean all of your windows, so hiring a residential window cleaner can be a smart financial decision.

Residential Window Cleaner

Residential Window Cleaner

Residential window cleaning prices vary by type of window and the number of panes. Some cleaners charge per pane, while others calculate their pricing based on your house’s square footage and the number of windows.

Double-hung windows with two sashes are generally more expensive to clean than single-pane windows. They require more work and require extra equipment to reach, such as a ladder.

Hard-to-reach windows, like those on third and fourth floors, also cost more because they take more time to reach. They also pose a safety risk to the worker, who may need a ladder or other equipment to get to them.


A major part of this is making sure all their equipment is in good working order and they are using it correctly. In addition, they need to assess the site before they start their job. This is important as it prevents injuries and ensures a high standard of workmanship. It also reduces liability for the residential window cleaning company.


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There are a variety of insurance policies available for residential window cleaners. These include general liability, professional liability, commercial auto insurance, worker’s compensation and inland marine.

Residential Window Cleaner

Residential Window Cleaner

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